Principal Shareholders

Principal shareholders of "Укрпромбанк" Bank are non-governmental enterprises of different patterns of ownership, namely:

General Meeting of Shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme governing body of the Bank. The authority of the General Meeting of Shareholders includes the following:

The powers listed above lie within the exclusive scope of authority of the General Meeting of Shareholders and may not be delegated to the other governing bodies of the Bank. The General Meeting of Shareholders may decide to delegate certain other functions, except those listed above, to the Supervisory Council or the Board of the Bank. Decisions to (i) approve amendments to the Bank’s charter and (ii) terminate the Bank’s business operations require a qualified majority of 75 per cent. of voting shares. Other matters are decided by a simple majority vote.

Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council is not directly involved in the day-to-day management of the Bank but plays a significant role in overseeing and monitoring the business activities of the Bank. The Supervisory Council also represents the interests of the Bank’s shareholders between the meetings of the General Meeting of Shareholders. Members of the Supervisory Council are elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders from among the Bank’s shareholders or their representatives for a five-year term. Members of the Supervisory Council may be re-elected. The Supervisory Council meets at least once every three months.

The responsibilities of the Supervisory Council include the following:

The name, position, qualifications and certain other information relating to each member of the Supervisory Council is set out below as at 1 March 2007:

Mr Leonid Yurushev has been the Chairman of the Supervisory Council (the Bank’s President) since 2001. Mr Yurushev represents ALC SK Provita Insurance Company on the Supervisory Council.

Mrs Olena Yakimenko has been a Member of the Supervisory Council since 2004. Mrs Yakimenko has 23 years of banking sector experience. She represents ELMAK LLC, one of the Bank’s shareholders, on the Supervisory Council. Mrs Yakimenko graduated from Kiev National Economic University and holds a degree in Finance and Credit.

Mr Sergiy Rogol has been a Member of the Supervisory Council since 2005. Mr Rogol has almost 14 years of banking experience. He represents ELMAK LLC on the Supervisory Council. Mr Rogol graduated from Chernivsti State University in 1986 and Riga Institute of Aeronavigation in 1996. He holds a degree of Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences and a degree of Master of Economics.

The business address of the Members of the Supervisory Council is Joint Stock Commercial Bank «"Укрпромбанк"», 7 Verkhovnoy Rady Blvd, Kiev 02100, Ukraine.