About Us

The Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Укрпромбанк" is a commercial bank headquarted in  Kyiv, Ukraine offering a range of banking services through a network of branches and operational offices. "Укрпромбанк" Bank is one of the largest banks of  Ukraine.

Since its foundation in 1994 "Укрпромбанк" Bank proved to be a powerful financial and credit institution, a reliable and stable partner that is consistent with the most contemporary standards of service, enjoying full confidence of its clients in Ukraine and abroad.

"Укрпромбанк" Bank is a universal bank which renders full range of banking services of the European level, finds an individual approach to each client and adheres to flexibility and efficiency in decision-making.


The majority shareholder of "Укрпромбанк" Bank is the International Germany-based banking group:


In November 2005, the shareholders of "Укрпромбанк" Bank completed a secondary private placement of existing shares among foreign investors of approximately 9.4 per cent. of the issued share capital of the Bank. This 9.4 per cent. shareholding was distributed among institutional funds in  Western Europe. The shares were placed in the form of Global Depositary Receipts which were registered on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in early November 2005.

Currently 8.34 per cent. of the authorized capital is distributed among foreign investors in the form of GDRs. The nominee holder of the GDRs is the Bank of New York.

Key Figures as at 1 July 2008:

Shareholders 170
Employees 4 169
Correspondent Banks 59
Balance capital UAH 1 388.9 million
Total balance UAH 21 761.1 million
Net assets UAH 15 415.3  million
Financial result for January-May 2008 UAH 41.6 million


In  Ukraine, banks interact most often with the following government and regulatory bodies:


In addition to normal regulatory interactions, "Укрпромбанк" Bank has bid for and won tenders to provide services in respect of various state-supported programmes, including:


"Укрпромбанк"’s banking licence permits it to perform all banking operations contemplated within the Ukrainian legal framework. "Укрпромбанк" Bank also holds licences to carry out security issuance, distribution, trading and broking activities on the Ukrainian stock market; and is licenced to deal in precious metals.


"Укрпромбанк"’s principal activities are corporate banking and individual (retail) banking. We offer banking services to small and medium-sized enterprises («SMEs») as part of our corporate banking business.

Corporate banking, in combination with SME lending, has traditionally been the main focus of our business. The corporate banking business of "Укрпромбанк" Bank includes corporate lending (including long-term loans to SMEs and project finance), deposit taking, micro-financing programmes in association with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the «EBRD») and the German-Ukrainian Fund (the «GUF»), trade finance, brokerage, arrangement and underwriting services for corporate bond issues, issuance of promissory notes and investment project management and advisory services.

As part of its corporate lending business to SMEs, which consists of only long-term loans to SMEs, "Укрпромбанк" participates in programmes funded by the EBRD and the GUF.

"Укрпромбанк" retail banking activities are primarily deposit taking, cash settlement, retail lending, services relating to pension accounts and foreign currency exchange transactions. We offer a range of bank card products to its retail customers, including debit and VISA and MasterCard credit cards. "Укрпромбанк" Bank offers internet-banking services and the ability to access funds through both its own and a shared network of ATMs.

On 28 July 2006, Moody’s assigned the following ratings to the JSC Bank "Укрпромбанк": B2 long term local currency deposit rating (with a positive outlook); a short-term local currency rating of Not Prime and a long-term national scale rating of A1.ua. On 1 September 2006, Fitch assigned to "Укрпромбанк" Bank an Issuer Default rating of B- with a Stable Outlook, a Short-term rating of B, a Support rating of 5 and an Individual rating of D/E.

On 20 November 2006, Moody's Investors Service has changed the outlook on the B2 long-term foreign currency deposit rating of "Укрпромбанк" Bank to positive.

Distribution network

"Укрпромбанк" Bank offers its services via a network of branches and smaller outlets extending throughout Ukraine. The Bank’s branches and outlets (operational offices) offer a wide range of banking services including lending, documentary transactions, securities operations, foreign currency transactions, settlement and payment transactions and international payment cards operations.

Branches offer the full range of the Bank’s services to "Укрпромбанк" retail and corporate customers. Each branch has its own lending limits and decision making bodies which are customarily established within a year of establishment of the relevant branch. Each of the "Укрпромбанк" Bank’s outlets are smaller and may not offer the full range of the Bank’s services. All outlets offer current and deposit customer accounts and foreign exchange. However, only the larger outlets offer loan facilities, with limits set by the relevant branch or the Bank’s head office.

The Bank is expanding its network in the most populated and economically developed cities and regions of  Ukraine (including Kyiv, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, the Mykolayiv region, the Crimea and other industrial centres).

As at 5 March 2007, "Укрпромбанк" network consisted of 28 branches and 170 outlets. As at 5 March 2007 "Укрпромбанк" Bank was in the process of registering an additional one new branch and 3 new operational offices.

In addition to the representative office that was established in  Prague on 12 June 2006, "Укрпромбанк" Bank plans to open a representative office in  Almaty, Kazakhstan to attract new customers and increase its deposit base. Representative offices will provide advice to foreign companies on the banking services market in  Ukraine and to potential foreign investors seeking.